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About Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Ethiopia, the land of Judeo-Christianity, is one of the most ancient predominantly Christian countries of the world. It is marked with a fascinating history, unique civilization, culture and religious life. The Book of Genesis recounts: “And the name of the second river is Ghion: the same is it that compasses the whole land of Ethiopia” (Geneses 2:13). The Psalmist David also says: “Let Ethiopia hasten to stretch out her hands to God” (Psalms 68:31).



Welcome to Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Menbere Berhan Saint Mary Cathedral in Toronto

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) was one of the first Churches in the world to accept Christianity as its state religion in 330 ACE. It is also the only African nation which accepted and defended the Christian religion without the influence of colonial power.  Since its inception, the Church has contributed a tremendous amount of moral, social, cultural, educational, artistic and architectural values to Ethiopia. 

The EOTC - St. Mary Cathedral of Toronto was founded in 1991 under the leadership of Abune Yeshaq Archbishop of the E.O.T.C. Western Hemisphere Diocese by Like Kahenat (Rev.) Messale Engeda. Today, the church has grown to a grand cathedral that belongs to the legitimate Holy Synod of the EOTC in Exile under the leadership of his Holiness Patriarch Abune Merkorios.

This website is designed to spread the Gospel to the world as accepted by the Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church`s belief. We welcome you to explore and learn about our church and its beliefs.

May God Bless Us All. Amen.